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How to come

Dax is located in South-West France. You can reach it by differents means of transport. Its train station is connected to Paris.

The Congress takes place at the Balenology Institute, 8 Rue Sainte-Ursule, 40100 Dax. Located in the city's heart tou can joint it by bus or cab easily. You can park in the differents parkings of the city.


Dax station (High Speed Trains from Paris, Biarritz, Bordeaux, Lourdes…).
Train (high speed) from Paris: 3h22, from 72€
From the Dax station easy transports to the hotels of the congress by public free shuttle, taxis, …

Air transport

Biarritz airport: shuttle for Biarritz railway station (Chronoplus N4 or Car express N3 - 1.2 €); train for Dax, 40 mn, from 10 €.
Bordeaux airport: shuttle airport railway station (30 mn) - 8 €; train for Dax, 75 mn, from 26 €.
Lourdes airport: shuttle for Lourdes railway station (bus N2 - 2 €); train for Dax, 80 mn, from 16 €.


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