The 45th ISMH Congress

Both live (on site) and virtual (on line) sessions

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The course of the pandemic remains quite unpredictable due to the role of variants and the pace of vaccination. It is therefore impossible to know if international travels will be possible in June.

The Congress will therefore be organized as a webinar. Nonetheless we hope that a lot of delegates will be present in Dax.

The topics are listed on the website; in addition to the initial topics a large place is now given to COVID 19 matters. We will also celebrate the hundredth anniversary of ISMH. Abstracts must be submitted before April 30, 2021 on the Congress website; their writing must obey the rules displayed on the website.

Presentations should be sent in the form of a PowerPoint document including voice recording.

The duration and number of slides will be confirmed to each author. However, the general rule is:

  • for invited lecturers: 20 minutes and 20 slides;
  • for oral communications: 10 minutes and 12 slides;
  • for poster papers: 5 minutes and 5 slides.

For technical reasons are not allowed video or sound recording enriched documents inserted on slides of the PowerPoint files.

The presenting author must record the commentary in the different slides of their PowerPoint file:

  • They have to go to the “slide show -or diaporama- menu” and select “slide recording”: the screen will display the current slide and, smaller, the next slide. The commentary will be made by the speaking author using the microphone of the computer.
  • At the end of the recording the file will be saved chosing “save” in the “file menu”.
  • To enable playback with automatic advancement, the slides must be forwarded with the pointer of the screen during the recording and not using the computer keyboard.
  • In the “slide sorter mode” a star and the duration of the recording is displayed below each slide.

PowerPoint documents should be sent by "WeTransfer" to the following email:
before 2021 May 20, the deadline.

The PowerPoint files will be checked and returned to the authors until they meet the requirements in terms of number of slides and duration.

On the day of the conference, the author will answer the questions of the delegates through Zoom after the broadcast of their recorded presentation.

The registration fees have been modified with less different fares and lower fares:

  • For participation on site in Dax: delegates 200 €, trainees 100 €, accompanying persons 100 € (scientific and social sessions, meals of Thursday and Friday, Thursday dinner and Friday gala-dinner).
  • For on-line participation: delegates 100 € and trainees 50 € (when presenting papers).

I hope that a lot of you will be able to participate in the congress with the greatest number possible on site in Dax.

My best and most friendly regards.

Member of the National Academy of Medicine
President of the ISMH 45th Congress


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